Explanation of the today's update and the dawn of a new day (literally!)

Jun 5, 2008 at 9:50 AM

Addd a few class that will make it much easier to remove the dependency on the commercial version of nextanalytics (available from www.nextanalytics.com). 

If you study the code-behind pages for the ASPX, you will see that those code-behind modules make reference to these classes in the commercial product.  Now, with this upload, you can refer to these open source ones instead. 

The open-source versions of them allow you to connect to and run a SQL command.  If it has conformed to the syntax of nextanalytics, then your Open Source user interface code should run fine.

This is a big step towards removing the dependency on the commercial product and the open source version of these classes can take on a life and direction of their own.