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This software is for those who want to read data and view it. While this is already available with a lot of tools, the driving philosophy behind this project is a lightweight approach. Everything downloads in under half a megabyte (circa May 2008).

My thinking is that it will eventually evolve to being a reporting and analysis product for companies not big enough to buy from open source bi vendors such as Pentaho or Jaspersoft or commercial vendors such as IBM COGNOS, SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS, ORACLE HYPERION, or others.

All of the code bits are useful to the worldwide community as learning samples as well as being useful software. People can also create new products. If you create such a product, contact nextanalytics to get help promoting it.

General Instructions
There are two steps: The first is that you need to download the files from this project an load them into a development tool. The ASPX and CS can be added to a Visual Studio project. The java files can be loaded into a project in Netbeans 6.

Step two is go get your free version of the commercial product at There are lots of examples, documentation, and support there, all for free.

"Initial Update"
The first bit of code in "Initial Update" has an ASPX page and its code-behind file for SampleToTable. This submits a project to the nextanalytics Data class and instantiates a DataSet class, in memory. There are others free and open source programs coming.

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